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i-Vive, powered by Panaceutics Nutrition, is an immunity product with a singular goal - to support your immune system in an easy, efficient way. Our product contains a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that are the perfect compliment to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Why did we choose a smoothie formula? Research indicates that pills sometimes pass through the human body undigested, which means you could be missing out on all their benefits and wasting your money. Our formula is easy to digest and swallow, preventing choking hazards, and is safe for the whole family. It’s also a great addition to any breakfast or as a post-workout supplement.

We know that good health is a lifetime investment and we are researching, inventing, and striving every day to expand our product line and the level of personalization we can offer you. As you learn more about your health and nourishment requirements, join us in a partnership for truly personalized nutrition.