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i-Vive™ is powered by Panaceutics Nutrition. We are a young, nimble, responsive company that is committed to bringing the concept of truly personalized nutrition to life. We are headquartered in Virginia with operations in Research Triangle Park, NC. All of our products are made in the USA. With our advanced robotic manufacturing technology, our scientific knowledge, and partnerships with consumers like you, totally personalized nutrition will soon be possible. As your understanding of your health needs grows, we invite you to join us on this journey to well-being with nutrition tailored just for you. 

Learn more about our company at www.Panaceutics.com. 

Our philosophy

Panaceutics believes that people who educate themselves about nutrition, understand that nutrition can play a critical role in a how they feel, and want to take charge of their health should have the nutritional products they want to support their healthy lifestyles.

We think that nourishment products should be convenient, easy to swallow, and tasty so you can happily make good nutrition an easy habit to embrace.

We know that good health is a lifetime investment and we are researching, inventing, and striving every day to expand our product line and the level of personalization we can offer you. As you learn more about your health and nourishment requirements, join us in a partnership for truly personalized nutrition.