Take your nutrition to the next level

Enjoy an easy, delicious, daily nutrition boost with i-Vive

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Be ready for whatever life throws at you

Learn more about i-Vive Immunity products for optimal health in today’s uncertain times

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Convenient and simple

Single serving pouches delivered fresh to your door for easy-to-eat, on-the-go nutrition

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A Convenient Way to Support Your Immune System

Our single-serving smoothie shot is formulated with high quality immune-support supplements, no pills needed. Learn more about i-Vive Immunity Support and i-Vive Immunity Boost for optimal health.

Delivered Direct to You

Your i-Vive delivery comes with a 14-day supply of single-serving fruit smoothie shots designed to take once a day. They taste great and are full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients formulated to meet your nutritional needs.

i-Vive is your grab-and-go daily nutrition boost! Our innovative form factor means no handfuls of pills or scoops of messy powders.

No measuring, no mistakes, no clean up.

contactless delivery

Responsiveness is key

i-Vive technology lets you select the product you need when you order every couple of weeks so you’re never stuck with a year’s supply of the wrong supplement. Think you might need some extra protection next month? Great, pick the Boost option on this order. Want to try a new flavor puree? No problem. 

We know that good health is a lifetime investment and we are researching, inventing, and striving every day to expand our product line and the level of flexibility and personalization we can offer you. As you learn more about your health and nutrition requirements, we want to be there for you with the best i-Vive products. Help us understand what you’re looking for and join us in a partnership for truly personalized nutrition.

Healthy eating enhanced

Healthy eating is the cornerstone of good health but, for many reasons, it can be difficult to get optimal nourishment from your diet alone.  Sometimes life just gets in the way and you can’t eat the way you know you should. For some nutrients, you simply can’t eat enough to get the ideal dose. With i-Vive, you can check excellent nutrition off your list of things to worry about these days. 

The i-Vive formula offers a comprehensive range of essential macro and micro nutrients plus enhanced ingredients like botanicals, phytonutrients, or probiotics. The precise combinations take your nutrition far beyond just healthy eating so your body and immunity systems are always fully charged. 

Plus, all that good nourishment is blended for you into a 2-ounce, pre-packaged, shelf stable, fruit puree smoothie that’s so easy and fun to eat. No measuring or mixing, just open the pouch top and enjoy.  

At Panaceutics, the future is personalized nutrition

i-Vive products are developed and manufactured by our scientists here at Panaceutics Nutrition. We are a young, entrepreneurial company based in Virginia. Our company is founded on the belief that good health and personalized nutrition go hand in hand.  We are constantly challenging ourselves to develop new products and to engineer new technologies that significantly expand the level of customization we are able to offer you. Come with us on our journey to totally personalized nutrition.