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What Makes Us Unique

Made With You In Mind

Our mission as a company is to make your nutrition and immunity work for you. No matter your lifestyle, background, or history, we make products that are hassle-free, with no pills, artificial colors or flavorings. You can rest assured i-Vive is safe for the whole family.


The Very Berry Boost product replaced 3 supplements I was taking with a single product. I love that there is no need to mix powders or sort capsules, and it tastes good without being sugary sweet!

This product is so easy to use. I just open my fridge, twist the top of my Tropical Daily i-Vive and enjoy doing something good for myself. 

I love the convenience of the single serve pouches. I’ve been taking supplements for several years, and each one of these pouches replace several pills! Very Berry has a nice fruit flavor, and I like that it’s not too sweet. Also, I could feel an energy boost after just a few days. I will definitely be purchasing again!